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Friday, May 23, 2014

No one but yourself

Seeking help is as hard as hoping to see a moon during the daytime...

Sometimes, I wonder... do I have friends? or  maybe plenty.... casual friends perhaps...

No one but yourself...

How hopeless the world is today ....

I wish all the problems I can hide under my blanket....

June 23, 2014
*in the midst of finding friends to become a photographer...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When supporter changed their perspective

Today, you gave me this path
It could be a path to another path
They are supporters
and some against it
both will lead to another path
when supporters become
one of those against it
I believe another path
will be created
regardless what path i choose in the end
it doesn't matter
cause I know
I will walk the path without regret
cause I know
that's the best path given
cause I know
bright and happy future ahead =)

11.28 pm 15 August 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New path

Path A was given,
but i chose Path B,
both path A and B
is not an easy path
path A is a path
chosen for me
to explore.
path B is a path
chosen by me
to create.
I'm not against
the will of God.
am I just trying my luck merely?
I believe I'm not so _______
Praying for the best >_<
that's all for the thing..
forgot about the past live in present worry nothing about future...
enjoying my floating period ~!!

10.21pm 14 august 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A new chapter

the recent update someone who appears in my life =)

Friday, January 13, 2012

energy transformation

the fear in me.. had transformed into energy and appeared in my dream it really happened as what i'm worried about... this is not the first time i experienced this energy transformation For now, I don't know what i can do about it... really feel hopeless wanted to share with someone but i don't know who can I share with I really need someone to talk to and advised me it becomes emotional imbalance @@ 6.11pm 13 Jan 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I don't know how it will work :) I don't know if it's just the beginning.. I don't know if it's just the end.... I don't know how long I can hold my principle.. I don't know how constant I will feel like that... I don't know if ...... I just wish.... My wish for year 2012 It will never be the same anymore :) 9.20pm 4 Dec 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the so far worst part in first year of PRP =.=

Realizing about what will happen in 2nd week of November made me feel so shock, stress and sad....

Praying hard that it will never happen to me.. Yes, I'm still praying...

Is it a sign that I do not have purify mind for the past few weeks?

Is it because I have been having a polluted mind for the past few weeks?

I don't know... perhaps yes...
forgive me please =)

I swear../try to ...

But thinking about it..

is it the worst part of life? or had I gone through worst part in my life for the past 4 years? yeah.. in IMU!

I can't recall but I'm sure there is one...or two.. but I had went through it... so will this time....

This is just part of it.. I'm going to deal with it with peaceful and relax mind..

I'm going to sit for the exam and pass with flying colours.....

Hope there is an angel over there for me :)

8.53pm 23 October 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011


being posted to Hospital Seri Manjung on 16 Aug 2011

Had been attached to OPD for 1 month and now at paediatric ward

Latest =____=|||| news

1. Bought an less than RM 200 sandals, but can't be wore to hospital as it is categorized as slippers..thus,........ (if not because of FF, I won't buy it... T_T)

2. Research topic clashed with research that had been previously done on 2008 in same hospital. and only got to know about it.... during proposal presentation... and thus, all the hard work...........

Pray for the best in upcoming days

sincerely from the heart


Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Convocation ~ 28 May 2011 =)

16/7/11 10.30pm 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what you need to know =)

Yes, it is one of the reason but there is other reason for me writing this post as well ;)

I never like joining any contest in Facebook as nowadays anyone can create a group/fan page in Facebook, who knows who are those admin who actually created the group/fan page .. Are they really hired by the respective company? Or are they the people who sell the fans' personal information to third party? 

Except this group Worldcard Malaysia  (WCM), which I had 100% confidence in them...

Was first introduced by Prince Lee, when he actually won two ticket to Jeff Chang's concert and two ticket to My Fm Love Concert (forgot this event's name)....

And there starts my journey with Facebook Worlcard Malaysia... I applied my worldcard online and joined next few contests..
That time, I wished I could be Fans of The Day (FOTD) ~~ and Fans of the Week (FOTW) to earn some worldpoint (WP).

and YES, my dreams came true ^_^

Many of my friends thought that owning a worldcard means that you need/like to go casino to gamble..
To those friends, I feel sad for them... Yes, it maybe one of the function to attract you to Genting but there is plenty of reasons you should own a worldcard =)
And yes, I love Genting because of the cold, lovely weather and plenty of great memories with my family and friends and not because I like gambling...
(to someone who think I am....)

Misconception: (Response from friends)
1. Worldcard can only be used in Genting Highlands outlet.
The truth: You can earn WP in all the participated outlet in whole Malaysia, not only in Genting; for an example: Starbucks Malaysia, Baskin&Robbin Ice Cream, Sushi King (10% discount if spent more than RM 60 or RM65 - not so sure >_<), etc.... You can check this website for more information about how to earn points (WP) and redeem with the points Rewards.
GP - Can only be earned when you enter casino...

To those reading, you might think I'm over-genting-philic/promoting/received some incentives for promoting WCM, but good things are to be shared ^_^

Recently, I had joined one of the contests and was one of the 50th winner.
Won (TWO) Tickets to 988 LOVE Live Music Show + 2D1N stay at First World Hotel on 30th April! 


11.11pm 3 May 2011

how are you?

When is the last time I updated you?
4-years of study had reached its end,
yes, I mean, I'm going to graduate very soon :)

let us see what I had been doing for the past few months for the next few post

9.42 pm 3 May 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update!! =)

Update !! Update!! 
omgosh.. .there are so many things that I didn't blog........ =.=
and since my lazy bug had just infected me.. 

Here I come to update u guys.....

Second IMU Pharmacy School Gathering... 

The group (B107 left early)...

the syok sendiri geng
Yvonne's birthday @ little tree 
group photos
link to the album
with the singers ^_^
group photo

THE IMUBS Semester Gathering + MoonCake Celebration

Outing with my dear classmates *huggies*

spot the girl!!

like this picture very muchie


*miss them so much*

Jeff Chang's Concert

superb nice one! went with family.....met Mr Lee and his sister there...

nice yum cha session with u guys till 2 am at night? (or 1 sth)

Stacie's Birthday 
thanks for inviting ^_^ dear lab partner 

the group photo

Wai Han's Birthday 

SNakeee snakeeee session @ Museum Negara... 

Last IMU cheer @ IMU 
(not all people here)

Yum cha session with my dear Kacee and Siew Ooi...

Dearest Sie Chai's Birthday
First time went to her church and to throw her a surprise party after the session, *she is not surprise enough* hahax.....and made new friends.....nice knowing all of you ^_^

group photo :)

Sin Hui's farewell 
(after IMU convo)
thanks for the meal ^_^

Boon SHing's birthday

COnvo committee Camwhore session =)
after last day of presentation
with my partner
my black and white formal attire
*so not me*

with my dearest yean Y^.^Y

Research group @ lunch time

Breast cancer group 

Prof Mak's Farewell

Soon Yang's birthday
(But where is the grp photo?? >_<)
without the bday boy..lolx

Broga Hill with church friends...

miss u guys!
IMU brother and sisters
Met Felicia ...

Ling Wei's birthday

Attending a Dhamma Talk in Nalanda @ 21 Nov 10
Spot the orange group

Hospital Attachment!!!
oUr name tag...
Leng luis (tired look >_<)
leng chai *without weng fai in the photo*

CHing Shen and Friends @ Ipoh @23/12/10

Me with huey jen ^_^
The lovely couple

Being active as Worldcard Fans Malaysia 
I got one free room stay.. however, I couldn't make it.. and thus, had to let go the room.. >_<

Fans of the day
A STAR that brings bliss & hope, A STAR that enlightens our world ♥ I-Xin Law, the WCM Fan-Of-The-Day : 24th Nov 2010

becoming fans of the week ( 14/1 - 20/1/11)

received one voucher from superstar Kenlli CHooi...

that's all from me for today ^_^

*sorry for the inconsistency of size photos and it is not in correct order for each events...*
time limit --> back to work

2.03pm 23 Jan 2011

*Happy Birthday To My dear zimui, Yvonne Choong *
Miss you soo much... where are u now???